About Us


In 2005 American Linen Company, LLC was established and was based out of New York where we operated from the 295 Textile building. Our vision was to promote brands and be a known importer of multiple products from around the world. We wanted to be strategically and financially associated with different mills from around the world and to represent the strength of many textile producing countries in different product categories.

We started our journey by looking after the sales and marketing interests for Nakshbandi Industries Limited by looking after major retailers like Wal-Mart, LNT, Sears, Macy’s and others who wish to import directly. We were also importing a considerable amount of products for national distributors of the hospitality industry and servicing customers such as Guest Supply and many more.

In late 2007 upon a strategic understanding, the entire business was transferred to 1888 Mills through an equity investment into Nakshbandi Industries Limited.  American Linen Company lost its alliance with Nakshbandi Industries Limited and honored all its commitments to its customers.

In 2010, the Teli Family sold the entire holding of Nakshbandi Industries Limited to a consortium of 1888 Mills and in 2011 American Linen Company resumed its operations with our same original vision.

This time around, American Linen Company, LLC has relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in which we have added a warehousing solution. In our domestic warehouse, we carry a significant amount of inventory provided by Nakshbandi Textile Mills on hand to support our customer’s requirements.

Today American Linen Company is manufacturing directly through Nakshbandi Textile Mills, offering distribution service, extensive product line, promoting brands, guarantee’s quality assurance, customer service, sales support and financial stability.


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